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Gamers all over the world buy only the best of gaming consoles that is present in the gaming industry. There’s Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii. But now, not only can you marvel at Nintendo’s Wii gaming console alone – but you shouldn’t miss out on what’s new. Wii U is the best gaming console there is, giving you a wide range of choices and a whole lot more than just gaming, something you’ve never seen or experienced before with any console.

With Nintendo’s Wii U, you can do a lot of things with just the controller itself that has proven to be an amazing gaming controller unlike any other. So what’s so special about the WiiU controller? Aside from the Wii U’s usual D-pad, two analog sticks, two shoulder buttons, four face buttons and two triggers, Wii U controller has a touch screen in the middle of the tablet sized controller. WiiU torrents gives you a different view of your game with great quality. Nintendo has surely shown off its flexibility with Wii U. With the touch screen that is featured in this Wii U controller, you can use this as a pen tablet – perfect for gaming individuals who are also artists of the tablet. So after a game you can pull out your creativity and work on a new art piece with the WiiU controller. And to think you can only use this for gaming, Nintendo Wii U is more than just a controller for gaming but a wide range of things you can use outside of your own gaming world.

wiiu torrentsAlso featured in the Wii U controller is a microphone and a front facing camera. What does this mean? You can go on video calls and chats on this controller, Wii U gives you a chance to talk to your loved one, family or friend with this feature. This is something people will certainly enjoy even if they aren’t gamers, with the WiiU you can talk to your friends and family like they’re there in your very own living room! This is perfect if you just want to lounge about on the couch after a game and just want to take a break by going through your chat and video calling a friend about your adventures with a certain game on your Wii U console.

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wiiu backup copyWii U torrents also has the capability of allowing you to go through the net. Fantastic, right? WiiU gives you a chance to look through the World Wide Web and browse through the internet. With the downloaded Wii U Apps, you can go and check your mail, read through internet blogs, watch your favorite videos and walk through’s of your favorite game or maybe watch what’s new in the world of gaming! So not only does Wii U give you the choice to enjoy a different kind of game play and gives you a taste of what it’s like being in the game itself, but it also gives you a wide range of choices on what to do other than gaming with the Wii U controller!

So go ahead and immerse into action with the Nintendo WiiU, surely you don’t want to miss out on all the fun!